Masters Worlds Updates: Megaton Does Double Gold, Beats Sperry

Day 2 of the IBJJF World Masters was filled with nonstop action across 21 different mats at the Las Vegas Convention Center. After an incredible first day of the 2017 Master Worlds with the master 1 and 2 divisions, the Friday session saw the rest of the black belt age groups take the mat.

One of the top stories of the day was the return of ADCC and IBJJF world champion Mario Sperry. Sperry competed in the master 5 super-heavyweight division and made a triumphant return, taking the gold in the weight division in his first gi competition in 18 years.

However, black belt featherweight legend ‘Megaton’ Dias stole the show by beating Sperry in the final of the absolute division to win double gold.

Their match was a hard-fought, dramatic affair. Megaton pulled guard and scored with an early sweep. Sperry pressured forward, but Megaton would score another two later in the match. Sperry clawed back two with about one minute in the match, but it was Megaton who was declared the victor 4-2.

Earlier, Megaton had just one match at master 5 featherweight, but won in impressive fashion with a very fast armlbar from spider guard.

Credit: Flograppling
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